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Ricegrowers' Association of Australia Inc.
Leeton, New South Wales
13 days ago


Background on the RGA

The RGA is the collective voice of Australian rice growers, representing around 1200 voluntary members. The RGA’s main objective is to provide members with strong and effective representation on issues affecting the viability of their businesses, their communities, and their industry.

The RGA is made up of eight branches located across the Riverina rice-growing regions of NSW and Victoria. Each branch annually elects representatives to form the RGA Central Executive.  The Central Executive represents their respective branches in determining RGA policy and projects and elects the President, Vice Presidents, and the Board except for the independent directors.

The RGA is a member of the National Farmers’ Federation, National Irrigators’ Council, NSW Irrigators’ Council, Plant Health Australia, and the Associations Forum.

More information about the RGA can be found at


Once a year, the opportunity arises for Delegates to stand for election to the RGA’s Board of Directors.  The Directors give strategic direction to the organization and are elected for a two-year term.  Following the election each year in July, the Board may appoint up to two additional Independent Directors to meet skills and experience requirements.

The RGA seeks diversity on the Board through the nomination of qualified candidates.

The RGA is seeking to fill vacancies for Independent Directors on its Board, to enhance a skills-based Board.

If you are interested in nominating to become an Independent Director:

  1. Please read the selection criteria below.
  2. Register your interest initially with Graeme Kruger, Executive Director and Public Officer at or phone 0467 661 655 by 30 June 2021. You will be provided with an information pack to progress your application.
  3. Please accompany your expression of interest with a statement no longer than 125 words in support of your application. This statement should provide details about your qualifications and relevant experience, your interest in the position.
  4. If you are eligible, you will need to take part in a selection process phone interview, to be assessed by the RGA’s Nomination Committee.


Selection criteria

In order to qualify as a candidate, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of Australia;
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age;
  • Not be an undischarged bankrupt;
  • Be otherwise legally competent to conduct business and enter contracts under the laws of Australia and its states and territories; and;
  • Submit the following:
    • Covering Letter addressing skills and experience
    • Resume
  • Have an affinity with the RGA’s vision, values, and strategy
  • Have the highest standard of ethical behavior and integrity and the commitment to act in the best interest of the RGA and its membership, with no conflict of interest.

Essential criteria

Expertise and Experience

Directors should have a strong commercial background. Professional skills/and or experience in areas such as marketing, business, tourism, law, education, property, and the digital economy are necessary. In particular, financial/accounting qualifications and experience will be highly regarded.

Members with expertise and experience in some of the following fields are encouraged to consider nominating this year to meet the RGA’s current needs:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Demonstrated financial management skills
  • Industry and sector knowledge and networks
  • Understanding of Research, Development, and Extension in Ag
  • Government Relations
  • Understanding of the legal and legislative processes


The RGA seeks candidates who have:

  • Recent Board experience or senior-level management experience in significant and/or complex organizations with the ability to perform effectively at this level.
  • The experience and ability to understand and analyze financial statements and management reports.
  • The ability to appropriately and impartially serve in the best interest of the RGA and its diverse membership.
  • A personal commitment to the RGA’s objectives.
  • An understanding of, and commitment to, the not-for-profit business model.
  • A belief in, and support for, sustainable business practices.
  • The ability to effectively and constructively communicate information and ideas to others while working in a team environment.
  • Leadership, judgment, and decision-making skills and experience.
  • The propensity for strategic, analytical, independent, objective, open-minded, and curious thought.
  • The ability to be a team player and work collaboratively with colleagues.
  • High levels of written and verbal communication skills.
  • IT literacy, including the use of internet/extranet, tablets, and teleconferencing.

Desirable criteria

  • Governance Experience: Previous Board experience and completion of the Australian Institute of Company Directors course is an advantage.
  • Organizational Leadership: Executive managerial experience with direct responsibility for a number of employees.
  • Financial Acumen: Senior-level experience and responsibility for reading and assessing financial statements, reviewing and interpreting financial data, and assessing the financial health of an organization using standard financial indicators and ratios.
  • Strategic Planning: Knowledge and experience in long-term strategic planning, including development, execution, and monitoring of strategic plans.
  • Industry Sector: Knowledge and experience in the Australian agriculture sector, this may include farming systems, processing, research & development, extension, and advocacy.
  • Government Relations: Knowledge and understanding of the legislative and legal processes in Australia – both state and federal, including advocacy to achieve policy change.
  • Information Technology: Particularly understanding of customer-facing technology, IT innovation, and digital communications. Insights into digital disruption and ‘sharing economy’ platforms.

Time, travel commitment & remuneration

  • Candidates must be able to commit the required time for preparation and attendance at/travel to Board meetings.
  • This involves attending at least six meetings per year
  • Out of pocket expenses incurred in carrying out the role of Director are reimbursed, in addition to a base fee of $5,000 per financial year payable to each Independent Director;
  • Some of the detailed work of policy development is done by sub-committees, which may be required by the independent Directors.

Fiduciary duties

The Corporations Act 2001 contains provisions that spell out duties, responsibilities, and possible penalties for Directors. There are a number of duties, referred to as fiduciary duties, which apply to Directors.  A fiduciary relationship means that the Director occupies a position of trust in relation to the RGA and is bound not to abuse that trust. RGA Directors must undertake to abide by their fiduciary duties at all times.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 57251553
  • Location:
    Leeton, New South Wales
  • Position Title: Independent Director
  • Company Name: Ricegrowers' Association of Australia Inc.
  • Industry: Association
  • Job Function: Executive-director-ceo
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